Retreats and activities



An integral part of Crêt-Bérard's atmosphere and serenity, the regular rhythm is built around three daily offices (7.30 am, 12.15 am, 6 pm). Everyone is warmly invited. We feel particularly in communion with the communities from Grandchamp (CH), St-Loup (CH), Taizé (FR), Bose (IT), as well as the Romainmôtier Ecumenical Brotherhood (CH).

Every Sunday and on Christian holidays, a communion service is celebrated at 8 am. The community is welcoming and looks forward to sharing this time with passing guests.



The traditional retreats take place during the highlights of the liturgical year: Advent, Ash Wednesday, Easter and Whit.

Other retreats are based on a biblical text or a spiritual practice anchored in the Christian tradition.

A retreat for a single person or a couple is an opportunity to take a time to rest and stand back. The resident pastor responds to requests for a meeting.





Depuis quelques années, Crêt-Bérard propose des séjours de jeûne résidentiel. "Jeûner, c'est un moyen de libérer le corps, l'esprit et l'âme de tout ce qui les encombre - c'est apprendre à être heureux avec moins". Après une interruption de quelques mois, les semaines de jeûne reprennent au printemps 2021.

Prochaine semaine : du 26 mars au 1er avril 2021


If you feel the need to lay down a burden, receive forgiveness from God or see more clearly in your life, an accompaniment can be considered in a commonly agreed framework.

On simple advance request to the resident pastor, it is possible to prolong an office with a personalised time of prayer.

Author's festival

Launched in 2015, this festival takes place on the first Saturday in March. It gathers about 30 authors for conferences, meetings and round tables that have a link with spirituality, the Bible, religions, philosophy, ethics, etc. The Children's Corner provides care as well as activities around books, stories and illustrations. 2016 programme (in French).

Rencontres Horizon

An annual day intended for corporate executives to address issues related to the responsability of leaders. A programme in french that is both engaging and revitalising, animated by specialists.


Since 1957, summer retreats take place every year on the hill for children aged 7 to 12. Generations have benefitted from these blessed weeks where friendship, games and workshops go hand in hand with the Bible and prayers, quietness and laughter.

In collaboration with the A Rocha association, a summer camp for children aged 10 to 13 is organised around the discovery of nature, recognised as a work of the Creator. Find out more (in French).

Young people

Crêt-Bérard was born of the vision of pastor Albert Girardet, youth chaplain, to build a “House for Youth and Country”. The construction lasted several years with the support of thousands of volunteers from all over the canton. Today, young people regularly invest the site for training and camps.

Several times a year, the cantonal “J2” Youth Days (“Journées des Jeunes”) bring together young people for moments of sharing, exchanging and celebrating. Find out more (in French)


Small Schools

Crêt-Bérard's “Small Schools” are basic learning programmes on various areas of Christian life that allow you to:

  • know the Gospel better
  • practice your faith
  • enter your personal vocation

These courses, accessible to all, represent five days of training spread over several months. Learn more (in French)

Advent fires and cavalcades

A living tradition instituted by resident Charles Nicole-Debarge in 1963 continues to this day: over 120 fires are lit on the first Sunday of Advent at 6 pm on the canton's peaks and hills. Prayers, songs and an annual message hail the arrival of “Jesus, light of the world”. Since 1971, horse riders have joined the adventure to proclaim the message solemnly to churchgoers after the morning services. Find out more (in French)


Meditative trail

A themed trail in the forest and on the hill with the cross enable guests to live some personal time in relationship with a theme, at their own pace.

Close to the signs, benches are an invitation to stop and meditate, breathe and follow one's inner path.

Current theme: the Song of Songs