A House

Located in the beautiful Lavaux region, on the edge of a forest, with magnificent views on the Alps.
A peaceful and friendly dwelling at the heart of French-speaking Switzerland.

Beauty and well-being

A place for retreats, work and meetings that has been appreciated for generations, Crêt-Bérard gives its guests a hearty and authentic welcome.

Its heart pulses to the rhythm of the seasons and the three daily services (morning – midday – evening).

A source of inspiration and harmony, the house is the ideal setting for resourcing and training. Crêt-Bérard offers retreats, seminars, conferences and cultural events.

In a serene setting 

The flowered park opens on a vast panorama of mountains. From sunrise to sunset, visitors can admire the region's landscape from two terraces. The cloister garden, the meditation path and various activities inspire inner reflection. A unique place, only one hour away from Geneva, Sion and Fribourg.